In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. Since then, World Youth Skills Day events have provided a unique opportunity for dialogue between young people, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions, firms, employers’ and workers’ organisations, policymakers and development partners.

This year, UNESCO UNEVOC calls for video submission from youths in re-imagining skills in the post pandemic era. 

Our objective

In this context, Dakchyata aims to amplify the voices of Nepali youths in the TVET sector by providing a platform, such as the world skills day celebration. 

Our strategy

By using an international platform such as the World Youth Skills day, Dakchyata demonstrates the value of skills to youths and how it equips them to make use of these,  even during the pandemic. Through the series of videos contribution, Dakchyata highlights Nepali youths from various sectors sharing their experiences on their acquired skills and how it helped them gain employment. 

Our impact

Dakchyata has been piloting various training projects with different models of employer engagement in designing and delivering training, implemented by employer associations, training providers, private enterprises and NGOs. Recently, these pilots’ understanding were deepened into making a transition into green energy generation, capacitating them to advancing towards more environmentally-conscious practices. These videos are testimonials of the ongoing early impact of our work in supporting skills development in Nepal. Watch more videos here.

"Having such a skill can help become self-employed. She adds that many youths lost employment during the pandemic. Government should provide more such training and increase agro-based infrastructure to attract youths."  Anisha Rai, 22 year old assistant Tea Technician from Eastern Nepal 

About Dakchyata project: TVET Practical Partnership is a skills development programme designed to strengthen the implementation of more effective policy in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector in Nepal.