Since 2013, Dudley College of Technology has built a solid reputation as a leading education institution, backed up by a strong programme of internationalisation activities that have boosted the employment chances of learners and improved staff development.

Dudley College of Technology has recently established itself as a centre of academic excellence, increasing its reputation locally and nationally. An inclusive and welcoming environment that celebrates the cultural differences of its diverse learners, the college focuses on building the work-readiness of the young people and adults that make up its student population, helping them improve their economic futures. 

A host of mobility opportunities

The college offers a range of mobility opportunities through Erasmus+, including work placements in Europe, to learners across different vocational departments. Study and working in other countries is a valuable experience, giving students the chance to be independent, face new challenges and strengthen their soft skills, such as communications, cultural awareness and team working. It has helped to build participants’ confidence and improve their self-reliance, and many have returned from their mobility placements more mature, ambitious and focused on their long-term goals. Many have also demonstrated a greater understanding of the world of work and business. Looking to build on this impact, the college is continually seeking to expand the mobility opportunities on offer through Erasmus+ and other programmes.

Improving teaching through collaboration

Through an Erasmus+ project focusing on dance training, the college is exploring the development of alternative training methods and approaches, which is supporting higher quality training programmes. Through the exchange of good practice and participation in teacher training workshops across Europe, the college is working to develop a common model of improved educational techniques that can enhance the employability of dance trainers from diverse backgrounds. The project is also helping to strengthen local community links through the involvement of a local dance company.

Boosting professional development 

Participation in the UK India Research Initiative has seen the college play a significant role in the development and delivery of an ambitious leadership programme to deans of polytechnic colleges across India. This initiative has reached more than 400 participants, who have achieved outstanding results both personally and for their organisations. During the evaluation of the project, the college identified opportunities to build on project learning and resources to support the Continuing Professional Development of its own staff. By modifying existing project materials and developing new resources the college has now created a bespoke leadership training programme for new and existing managers, as well as aspiring managers. The college is now looking to expand participation in the UK India Research Initiative to support enhanced professional development opportunities for even more members of staff.