Entrepreneurship skills in Thai vocational education

A UK-Thai collaboration is helping to integrate entrepreneurship in vocational education.      

Our objective

British Council Thailand is working with The Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), under the Thai Ministry of Education, to develop entrepreneurial skills in the Thai vocational education curriculum.  This is in response to a Thai government initiative to build a workforce with entrepreneurial skills and promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Our strategy

Technical visit

Forty teachers from across Thailand took part in a technical visit to Scotland from 13-25 March 2016.  Teachers were trained in the development of an entrepreneurship-integrated curriculum which involved looking at teaching techniques and the design of teachers’ kits, textbooks, classroom activities and assessment methods.  

The group of forty will act as a core group of trainers to cascade their knowledge to other teachers in Thailand.

Entrepreneurship in Vocational Education seminar:  Learning and Sharing from Thai and UK Perspectives

The entire event was very well run and ... highly successful in achieving its objectives. We were able to take a lot of very useful information away with us, and we do hope that we can continue to develop a strong working relationship with Thailand”. 

(Graeme Tidd, National Business Enterprise Manager, Peter Jones Foundation)

One hundred and twenty four participants from Thailand and the UK had the opportunity to discuss how best to integrate entrepreneurship in vocational education at our entrepreneurship seminar on 30-31 March 2016.  

Participants were able to experience how entrepreneurship is taught in the UK and how digital technology can help facilitate learning.  Student voice was an important theme, with students and alumni from Thailand and the UK sharing what they had learned from their vocational education and what they hoped to gain from their education in the future.  

Ongoing International collaboration

The technical visit and the seminar are part of an on-going programme to develop the entrepreneurship curriculum in Thailand which also includes consultations with experts from Grŵp Llandrillo Menai - a merger of Welsh colleges that plays an important role in supporting the economy of North Wales by equipping local people with the skills needed to ensure the competitiveness of the region. 

The Thai programme is drawing on the expertise of the Grŵp, as well as vocational colleges across Scotland, Wales and England, reflecting the Thai government's recognition of the importance of entrepreneurial skills in helping social and economic development. 

Our impact

Thai participants at the visit and seminar returned home with plans to apply the knowledge gained in their classes, having developed a range of tools and techniques designed to enhance their students’ interest in entrepreneurial skills.

There are also plans to set up incubation centres at vocational colleges, to work more closely with industry and to share learning with other Thai teachers.



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