Male and female students in Sri Lanka
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Monday 17 March 2014 - 00:00 to Tuesday 18 March 2014 - 00:00

Global Education Dialogues: Dangerous demographics - women, leadership and the looming crisis in higher education

There is a global quest for talent in the HE sector as Higher Education Institutions seek to position themselves in world rankings, but where have all the women gone in HE leadership? Effective leadership is essential to transform universities into world class institutions, but what makes a good leader in the HE sector today and what are the barriers to success for women in HE and in leading HE institutions? Universities are highly complex organisations facing unprecedented challenges in the new globalised context and in these challenging times it is not just the person at the very top who needs to demonstrate leadership. This policy dialogue looks at how women are engaging in ever increasing numbers in higher education in South Asia, what the return on investment is, what are the barriers for women and what are the best models for talent management in HE.


  • What makes a world class leader in HE today? The new leadership paradigm and the barriers to success.
  • Women in HE in the UK and South Asia.
  • Best practice models from South Asia and the UK.


  • Mapping the demographics of women leaders in Higher Education.
  • Data analysis on progression and mobility amongst women researchers.

Who can attend?

This Global Education Dialogue is by invitation only. Participants will be from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE and the UK. To register your interets, please email: 

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