Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University

Newton Fund Institutional Links success story

Egypt’s rapid urbanisation and economic growths increases the demand for energy in the countries’ building industry. More professional development and training is required, in particular in the design and construction labour market, to find sustainable solutions to Egypt’s growing energy needs. 

A Newton-funded Institutional Links project has brought together researchers and stakeholders in the sector to advance capacity building in education, research and innovation. The collaboration resulted in the development and validation of three dual degree undergraduate programmes between University of East London and Ain Shams University (ASU) in the disciplines of Architecture and Environmental Architecture, Building Engineering, Computer Engineering and Software Systems. The Faculty of Engineering at ASU is now acknowledged as the first practical government college to facilitate a dual degree certificate to students from a UK university. The programme will help to develop more sustainability aware graduates and a future workforce that can support the delivery of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2020. This will boost sustainability and socio-economic growth in Egypt as well as in the UK.

"With the ever-increasing demand for affordable homes coupled with the urge for sustainable design to mitigate climate change, this project and the expertise shared will prove vital in finding solutions to those issues, drawing on UK and international insight.” Dr Heba Elsharkawy, University of East London

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