Created as a natural extension of our 'Higher Education Dialogues', the 'Deep Dive' series aimed to connect higher education representatives from across Europe and Asia with their peers in the UK. Together, we discussed some of the biggest challenges universities and their staff face around the world. 

Each month, we came together to address a particular challenge universities and teachers are facing. After each session, we shared the recording (available below) so that you can review the input from our speakers and see what ideas came out of the discussion. We also prepared a short Spotlight Report for each session, with main takeaways that you can apply in your own university/country. 

What we discussed during the series:

April 2021 | 'How do national TVET sectors have to change to support economies post Covid 19?'

Our seventh and final Deep Dive session explored innovative strategies in TVET in order to improve the resilience of skills training systems and preparedness and enhance the TVET pathway for learners. The panel also touched on sustainability offered by the TVET sectors such as responding to future market needs of skilled labour, life-long learning, green jobs that are automation proof.


  • Dawn Ward, Chief Executive and Principal, Burton and South Derbyshire College
  • Paul McKean, Head of FE and Skills, Jisc
  • Emma Meredith, International Director, Association of Colleges
  • Richard Everitt, Director of English, Education, and Society Wider Europe, British Council
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March 2021 | 'How can universities enhance their brand by measuring graduate destinations and outcomes?'

Our sixth session explored how different countries and institutions currently measure graduate destinations, and how universities can enhance and improve the graduate outcomes of their students, especially in the context of Covid-19.


  • Martin Edmondson, CEO & Founder, Gradcore
  • Rachel McIntosh, Deputy Director of Student Employability Aston University
  • Dr Brooke Storer-Church, Head of Skills at the Office for Students
  • Richard Everitt, Director of English, Education, and Society Wider Europe, British Council
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February 2021 | 'How can we create a smooth and fulfilling student learning journey during the pandemic?'

Our fifth session introduced the concept of a student learning journey (SLJ) and its relevance to a quality student experience, the common stages, similarities and differences, and the essential steps in a SLJ.


  • During the session, we heard from QAA and perspectives from universities, students and employers:
  • Piers Wall – Quality Specialist, QAA Global
  • Dr. Dawn Lees – Student Employability and Development Manager, University of Exeter
  • Steve Wallers – Employer Engagement and Student Employment Manager, University of Exeter
  • Kate Croucher – Global Lead Talent Sourcing FDM
  • Scarlett Hilson-Wheeler – Student at the University of Exeter
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January 2021 | 'What technology can universities use to provide better career service to their graduates this year?'

In our fourth 'Higher Education Dialogues – Deep Dive' session, we explored different ways that technology can be used to deliver existing career support and employability models but also to enhance practice within and outside the curriculum.  


  • Ali Orr, Head of Graduate Outcomes and Employability, Kingston University
  • Vanessa Freeman, (Acting) Director for Careers and Employability, City University of London
  • Martin Edmondson, CEO and founder, Gradcore
  • Moderator: Clare Sears, Deputy Regional Director Wider Europe, British Council
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December 2020 | 'How can universities conduct online assessment that is secure and credible?'

For our third 'Deep Dive' session, we discussed the concept of academic integrity and provided guidance on how to assess with integrity as well as the remote and digital provision. Our panel also shared the institutional approach to assessment, including how to avoid academic misconduct.


  • Carolyn Westbrook –Test Development Researcher, British Council
  • Gareth Crossman – Head of Policy and Communications, QAA
  • Prof. Michael Draper – Professor in Legal Education, Swansea University
  • Dr Irene Glendinning – Institutional Lead for Academic Integrity, Coventry University
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November 2020 | 'How can teachers encourage active learning in an online delivery environment?'

For our second 'Deep Dive' session, we organised a masterclass to share key principles and best practices for delivering online learning.  

Masterclass lead

Dr Catherine (Kay) Hack is the Principal Adviser (Learning and Teaching) for Advance-HE. Her role includes developing, managing and promoting excellence in teaching and learning, both generally and within STEM disciplines.

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October 2020 | 'What can universities do to help graduates find employment?'

During the first of our 'Deep Dive' sessions, we explored the history and fundamentals of graduate employability, outlined current models to enhance graduate employability by universities, and provided practical examples from the UK’s experience in this area.


  • Martin Edmondson, CEO and Founder of Gradcore
  • Professor Karen Bryan, Vice Chancellor, York St John University
  • Adele Browne, Head of Graduate Success, De Montfort University
  • Moderator: Maja Mandekic, Regional Portfolio Manager, British Council
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