UK Language Courses (UKLC), Multicentre (Head office - Bristol) Full report 2018 (PDF 322KB)

UK2Learn, Surrey Full report 2018 (PDF 196KB) [Currently closed, re-opening 2023]. 

UK College of English (UKCE), London Full report 2020 (PDF 222KB)

UK Guardians, Head office Christchurch. Provisional accreditation, expires 30 September 2022

United World School of English, Bournemouth Full report 2017 (PDF 329KB)

University of Bedfordshire, Luton, Bedfordshire Full report 2018 (PDF 286KB)

University of Birmingham - Birmingham International Academy, Birmingham Full report 2016 (PDF 431KB)

University of Bradford, Bradford Full report 2017 (PDF 334KB), Spot check 2018 (PDF 113KB)

University of Brighton - Brighton Student Skills Hub, Brighton Full report 2019 (PDF 201KB)

University of Central Lancashire, Preston Full report 2019 (PDF 236KB)

University of Chichester, Chichester, West Sussex Full report 2018 (PDF 211KB)

University of Dundee, Dundee Full report 2019 (PDF 214KB), Spot check 2021 (PDF 102KB)

University of Greenwich, London Full report 2017 (PDF 315KB) [English language unit currently closed, re-opening 2023]. 

University of Leicester, Leicester Full report 2017 (PDF 389KB)

University of Manchester, Manchester Full report 2017 (PDF 336KB)

University of Nottingham, Nottingham Full report 2021 (PDF 250KB)

University of Salford English Language Centre, Salford Full report 2019 (PDF 229KB)

University of Sheffield ELTC, Sheffield Full report 2019 (PDF 239KB)

University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Full report 2020 (PDF 204KB)

University of Worcester, Worcestershire Full report 2017 (PDF 351KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 203KB)