Magnifico Travel, Multicentre (Head office - Harrow, Middlesex) Full report 2016 (PDF 379KB)

Malvern House, London (including extension of Malvern House BrightonFull report 2019 (PDF 195KB), Spot check Malvern House Brighton 2019 (PDF 81KB)

Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Full report 2019 (PDF 194KB)

Manor Courses, Brighton Full report 2016 (PDF 337KB)

Marcus Evans Linguarama Cheney Court, Bath Full report 2017 (PDF 307KB)

Marcus Evans Linguarama London, London Full report 2017 (PDF 319KB)

Mayfair School of English, London (including Mayfair School of English Juniors) Full report 2018 (PDF 332KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 81KB)

Mayflower College of English, Plymouth Full report 2016 (PDF 322KB)

MC Academy (formerly MCSE), Manchester Full report 2018 (PDF 250KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 113KB)

MDA College, Leeds (formerly Leeds Language Academy) Full report 2018 (PDF 225KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 88KB), Supplementary report 2019 (PDF 104KB)

Melton College, York Full report 2014 (PDF 338KB)

Meridian School of English, Plymouth, Devon Full report 2017 (PDF 321KB)

Meridian School of English, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Full report 2017 (PDF 320KB)

Millfield English Language Holiday Courses, Somerset Full report 2018 (PDF 399KB)

Mill Hill Summer School, London Full report 2017 (PDF 320KB), Spot check 2018 (PDF 112KB)

Milner School of English, Wimbledon London Full report 2016 (PDF 328KB)

MLI International Schools, London Full report 2019 (PDF 226KB)

Move Language Ahead (MLA), [Formerly Go Languages] (Head office Hoddeston, Herts) Full report 2016 (PDF 435KB), Spot check 2017 (PDF 208KB)