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ABLE Manchester, Manchester Full report 2015 (PDF 323KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 152KB)

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Academy of English Studies, Folkestone, Kent Full report 2016 (PDF 311KB)

Accent International Language Consultancy, East Budleigh, Devon Full report 2017 (PDF 333KB)

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Action Language Pro Newcastle, Newcastle Full report 2016 (PDF 344KB)

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Activate Learning, Reading College, Reading Full report 2017 (PDF 311KB) 

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Anglo-Continental School of English, Bournemouth Full report 2014 (PDF 329KB)

Anglolang Academy of English, Scarborough, North Yorkshire Full report 2015 (PDF 326KB)

Anglo Ltd, Multicentre (Head office - Bournemouth) Full report 2015 (PDF 361KB)

Ardmore Language Schools, Multicentre (Redwing Education) (Head office - Burchetts Green, Berkshire) Full report 2017 (PDF 456KB)

Ardmore Language School, Year round, (Redwing Education) Maidenhead, Berkshire Full report 2017 (PDF 379KB)

ATC Language Schools Winchester (formerly Winchester School of English), Winchester, Hampshire Full report 2017 (PDF 302KB)

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