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The deadline to apply for this tender has now passed.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by Wednesday 8 November 2017.

Please contact Nathan.Tregarvan@britishcouncil.org if you have any questions.


Our vision is to develop the sustainability and international networks of Yemen and Lebanon photographers by delivering a comprehensive CPD programme in 17/18 and 18/19 FYs.

The projected long term impact of this programme is as follows:

  1. Lebanon and Yemen’s photography communities are better skilled, more inclusive and has established a new network to represent its interests
  2. Lebanon and Yemen’s photography community’s social and economic wellbeing has improved
  3. The world is more aware of the personal stories of people living in Lebanon and Yemen


The programme will provide a group of four Lebanon photographers and five Yemen photographers with the knowledge and skills to create compelling visual narratives and to better manage themselves as independent creative entrepreneurs.

Training in Storytelling and Entrepreneurship will be delivered by one UK partner and one Lebanon partner.  Training will comprise face-to-face workshops, online mentoring, and a toolkit.

This training initiative will be designed according to the local context and skills needs of participants, designed to foster sustainable local and international networks, and designed against measurable actions and goals.

The course will be taught in English, although simultaneous interpretation will be provided if necessary.  The toolkit will be translated into Arabic.

A breakdown of programme activity is provided below:







Training and toolkit


Top-up training and toolkit

UK exhibition

Summary Face-to-face short course in Storytelling and Entrepreneurship accompanied by a toolkit covering both topics Online (email and/or Skype) mentoring and portfolio review
Face-to-face short course in Storytelling and Entrepreneurship and an updated toolkit Summary: An exhibition of select works by the participants in a UK gallery
Location Beirut, Lebanon Lebanon, Yemen and UK  Beirut, Lebanon UK
Dates 5 days: Q4 2017/18 FY Between Phase 1 and Phase 3 5 days: Q2 2018/19 FY Duration tbc: Launch Q3/4 2018/19 FY


Participants will comprise five Yemen photographers and four Lebanon-based photographers.

The Yemen photographers will be selected via a closed call, which is necessary due to the security risks of an open call.  The Lebanon photographers will be selected via an open call.

The criteria will be developed with the UK and Lebanon partners, but may include: 

1. Currently practicing as a professional photojournalist
2. A minimum of 3 years’ experience working as a professional photographer
3. Able to provide a minimum of 10 examples of recent work (last year)
4. Interest in developing their storytelling skills
5. Interest in developing themselves as an independent business
6. Interest in artistic photography
7. Interest in connecting with photographers and photography organisations in Lebanon, Yemen and the UK 
8. Reasonable command of the English language (not essential)

Assessment and selection of participants will be managed by BC Yemen and BC Lebanon.  External partners will be able to contribute to this process.

The application form will be prepared by the UK and Lebanon partners with support from the British Council.  The form will include a series of questions about the photographers’ skills needs, which will inform the design of the programme.


The programme cannot be delivered in the UK because participants from Yemen are unlikely to be granted UK visas.

Instead, the training will take place in Beirut for which visas can be procured. This will also provide the right context for the programme. 


Since March 2015, Yemen has been in a state of conflict that has shattered the country’s social fabric and led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

‘The forgotten war’ in Yemen is so named due to the lack of coverage by local and international media.  This is mostly caused by journalists being subjected to travel restrictions and other limitations in what they can cover.

This impact of the conflict for the 26.83m (2015) Yeminis has not been adequately documented photographically.  The main cause of this is that photographers lack sufficient skills in documenting (shooting, editing and presenting) and sharing the ‘untold stories’ of ordinary Yemenis.  Most photographers with adequate skills have left the country.  Also, there is no formal education in photography in Yemen.


The British Council is inviting proposals for a UK partner to co-develop and co-deliver with a Lebanon-based partner the content for this programme, which comprises two short courses, a toolkit and remote mentoring.

UK-based organisations are eligible to apply if they are able to provide one trainer that meets the following criteria:

1. Expertise in photojournalism, including storytelling and entrepreneurship

2. Experience working in the Middle East, preferably in Lebanon and Yemen

3. Expertise to develop and deliver all programme content (training, toolkit and mentoring) bespoke to participants’ needs

4. Ability to set up an online social group (Facebook or other) for participants to connect and share their work

5. Able to contribute to the participant selection process

 We are inviting UK organisations to tender for this opportunity with an approach which would accomplish this within a total budget of GBP 10,000 (+ VAT).

Activity Days


(GBP 500 per day)

Phase 1    
Programme development 5 2,500
Programme delivery 5 2,500
Phase 2    
Mentoring 1 500
Phase 3    

Programme development

4 2,000
Programme delivery 5 2,500
Total 20 10,000

The British Council will cover all logistical costs, including travel, accommodation and a per diem.

In order to apply, please download the Bidders Pack below.

Please submit Annex 2 - Supplier Response to Nathan.Tregarvan@britishcouncil.org by 3 November 2017.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their proposal by 8 November 2017.


Please submit any questions to Nathan.Tregarvan@britishcouncil.org 1 November 2017.  We will aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.