Do you work in the audio-visual or live performance sector? We'd love to hear your views!

We are lead partner on Live Skills, an ambitious new European project aimed at tackling skills gaps in live and performance sectors. Working with nine partners, across four countries we'll be developing training to address skills shortages in four key areas, identifed by our initial research:

  1. Digital skills
  2. New technologies
  3. Arts management
  4. Entrepreneurship 

We want to sense check these areas with professionals working in the sector - so have developed this 10 minute questionairre to review findings and gain additional feedback. 

Live Skills is funded by the Erasmus+ (SSA) Programme, including nine partners from four countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and the UK). This project will develop new curricula within these areas which will be adapted and piloted in each country.

Got a question: email us.