Monday 17 September 2012

The British Council welcomes the announcement made yesterday by David Willetts that the government will publish disaggregated figures for net migration, reporting separately on international students.

Martin Davidson, Chief Executive of the British Council said “We welcome this step from the Government, because it’s vital that the right data is available to inform the debate around immigration. The huge value that international students give to the UK, academically, culturally and economically, is clear. By disaggregating the figures I hope that conversations around immigration to the UK will become clear, and can focus away from genuine international students who come for a strictly limited time, contribute a huge amount, and then return to their home countries.

“We also welcome the £2m fund set up to support London Metropolitan Students who are now searching for new institutions to continue their studies at. It’s very important not just for the affected students. The UK must also demonstrate to ambitious young people around the world that we value their participation and will look after them when they are here. The proposal to explore a fee protection scheme should any other institutions face a similar situation to London Met is a good idea. Our offices around the world have been working with local media, agents, and potential students to reassure them that the UK continues to be a safe, welcoming destination where the brightest and best can receive a quality education experience. The proposals announced yesterday by David Willetts will help us to reinforce that message.”


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