British Council ARAGs Awards Alumni

The Alumni is open to Awardees of the British Council ARAGs Awards. The Alumni will be launched at New Directions Yokohama in December this year.

Benefits of joining the British Council Research Awards Alumni include: 

  • Opportunities to participate in and present as part of the BC Assessment webinar programme
  • Opportunities to network with British Council colleagues and fellow awardees at major conferences
  • Advanced notice on upcoming conferences, webinars, symposia organized by the British Council around the world
  • Receive and contribute to an annual alumni magazine to keep up to date with fellow experts in the field
  • British Council ARAGs Alumni Awards access to funding through a competitive process to present at local and regional conferences (funding is limited to members of the alumni group)
  • British Council New Directions Alumni Awards
  • Intra-group discussion list

If you are interested in joining this exciting opportunity, please complete the membership form below.

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