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Improve your knowledge of and skills in language assessment on our free online course

In the last 15 years, assessment has had an increasingly significant impact on education policy globally. Consequently, there is a growing need among teachers to understand how assessment works.

This course covers the principles of sound language assessment and helps foster an understanding of the ideas in developing different types of test and how they can be applied. With guidance from experienced test developers and international assessment experts, the course explores practical ways of assessing language and skills which you can use in the classroom. 

What topics are covered?

  • Principles of language assessment

Formative and summative assessment
Positive washback
Assessment and testing

  • Assessing speaking

Formats, tasks and settings
Rating scales

  • Assessing writing

Assessment tasks
Marking criteria

  • Assessing reading

Meaningfulness and authenticity
Developing reading tests
Scoring reading tests

  • Assessing listening

Task types for listening assessment
Scoring listening tests

  • Assessing grammar and vocabulary

Principles of testing grammar and vocabulary

  • Test development

Assessment and course planning
Approaches to testing
The test development cycle
Evaluating the effectiveness of a test