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In collaboration with our partners Cambridge University Press & Assessment, we are conducting four seminars around different themes from 7 to 16 February. 

Join us in these webinars for some great advice and expert tips on preparing your students for their Cambridge English exam. 

portrait of Sara Ellis, one of our speakers

Sarah Ellis: The benefits of debate: developing critical thinking and speaking skills

The art of debate has served humankind for centuries, playing a fundamental role in the development of democratic societies. 

In this session, we will explore, through practical examples, how debate can be successfully implemented and set up in the English classroom, supporting not only linguistic growth but also transferable skills and life competencies. Debate could be introduced from level B1, however it will be most suitable for higher level students (B2/C1 and above).

Register for 8 February 

portrait of Sara Ellis, one of our speakers

Sarah Ellis: Developing and assessing writing skills at B2 (and C1)

Sarah Ellis from Cambridge University Press & Assessment will present this session on how students can improve their writing skills and the most important areas to consider at B2 and C1.

We will consider the different stages of the writing process and explore the use of authentic material and skills integration in face-to-face and online contexts to develop writing skills. We will also look at resources for learners and teachers to help foster learner autonomy and engagement with writing tasks.

Register for 16 February (4 PM CET)

portrait of one of our speakers, Claire Ross

Claire Ross: Using genre analysis to develop reading skills (B2-C1)

In this webinar, you will discover how to use principles of genre analysis to help your higher level (B2-C1) learners to develop their reading skills for Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced examinations, in particular Parts 4-8.

Our trainer Claire Ross will introduce you to activities that you can use with different types of text, including those chosen by your students. Finally, you will consider how genre analysis of texts can also benefit learners in terms of writing skills. 

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<<<<portrait of one of our speakers, Cristiana Osan

Cristiana Osan: Inclusion in the Classroom: Special Educational Needs

This webinar explores practical approaches to inclusion in the classroom and exams. We will discuss strategies and tips for teaching that can provide a better learning experience for all learners in our classes. 

In this session presented by Cristiana Osan from the British Council, you will have a chance to explore the provisions that Cambridge University Press & Assessment and the British Council provide for candidates with a variety of needs. 

Register for 14 February (3 PM CET)
Register for 16 February (11 AM CET)

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