Friday 13 January 2023


Since the fall of Kabul in 2021, we have been devastated by the human tragedy that has unfolded in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan relocation schemes are run by the UK Government. All but one of our former employees who applied, and a significant number of our former contractors, have relocated to the UK with their families. However, many former contractors are still in Afghanistan. 

Here is a statement from our Chief Executive Scott McDonald about efforts to relocate our former contractors in Afghanistan: 

"Whilst we are relieved that a number of our former contractors and their families have been recently informed by the UK government that they are eligible for relocation to the UK, urgent action must now be taken to ensure they are granted safe passage to countries neighbouring Afghanistan. With the Taliban firmly in control, some may not be able to get the right travel documents or will risk their lives trying to get them. Agreement must be reached with neighbouring countries to ensure they can enter.

A significant number of our colleagues have not yet heard any outcome of their relocation applications. We are deeply concerned by the length of time it is taking for their applications to be processed. They have told us that they are living in increasingly desperate circumstances as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate. We are incredibly concerned for them and for their families’ welfare and well-being. We are pushing for progress with senior contacts within the UK government to ensure the earliest possible consideration of their applications."