The Treasury pay remit process covers the pay setting arrangements across the Civil Service, including Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) like the British Council. HM Treasury produces annual pay remit guidance which all Civil Service employers must follow when preparing their annual pay remit.

The annual pay remit process reviews the following:

  • Increases to pay range minima and maxima 
  • Individual salary increases linked to performance 
  • Individual performance bonuses 
  • Cash and non-cash benefits


In the UK the British Council adopts the following reward principles: 

  1. To work within financial constraints and to use those limited funds in the most effective way to support the business and workforce needs; 
  2. To link annual salary increases and bonuses  linked to performance;
  3. To provide an attractive total reward offer (pay, benefits, personal development, career progression, work-life balance, and environment and culture) to attract, engage and retain;
  4. To promote an equal pay agenda by ensuring that pay systems meet legislative requirements and to actively work towards reducing any unjustified gender pay gaps. 

UK staff, below senior management, are placed in one of four pay bands: 

  1. junior management and administration, for which there are two pay bands: 4 and 6 
  2. middle management, for which there are two pay bands: 7 and 8

Pay Band     Min              Max 

4                  £22,739       £22,739 
6                  £25,520       £28,470
7                  £30,839       £37,152

8                  £38,820       £53,586


Senior management roles are grouped into three levels of work. Where roles are positioned within a broad band is determined by job evaluation. We use the Hay Group job evaluation system to evaluate all senior roles in the British Council.

                                                                            Min                  Max
Senior Managers and professionals                    £55,699          £81,600
Leaders of major functions and geographies      £77,031          £102,714
Enterprise leadership                                          £93,866          £118,932 

In addition to an increase to salary staff may be eligible to a cash bonus which is discretionary and linked to performance.  The value of the bonus is determined by pay band and performance. Bonus amounts are reviewed each year.  


Staff who work in our London Office receive a London Market allowance (LMA) which is an allowance paid in addition to their salary. The allowance is currently worth £3,300. 


Our aim is to offer an attractive total package and we therefore consider salary as just one part of the offer. At the British Council staff can expect to have a range of excellent benefits including the following:

  • 32 days annual leave in addition to statutory holidays plus an additional half day leave on Christmas Eve
  • A generous defined benefit pension
  • Flexible working and well-being policies
  • Enhanced family friendly benefits including childcare vouchers. 
  • Maternity and Paternity leave benefit
  • Season ticket loans
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Employee Assistance Program