Since starting in 2015 we have expanded to 250+ computer-based delivery locations in over 100 countries worldwide. Due to having extensive experience and expansive global network we are in a unique position to advise existing and potential clients on how to successfully transition from pen-and paper to computer-based testing, or to expand the global reach of your existing CBT assessments into new international markets.

As part of our commitments to you we offer:

  • A secure computer-based test delivery network for high-stakes, session-based and ‘scheduled on-demand’ exams in over 100 countries
  • Delivery through the British Council’s own computer-based testing suites, supplemented by rigorously vetted partner venues
  • Flexibility in delivery, adapted to your platform choice, capacity requirement and chosen delivery model
  • A professional delivery team of 25,000+ invigilators worldwide 
  • Assurance in delivery with our robust quality and compliance assessment framework
  • The ability to offer an ‘end to end’ solution, including a British Council backed computer-based testing platform around the world

We can also offer consultancy services for paper-based to computer-based transition and exams delivery strategies.