Thank you to everyone who joined this webinar on 1 Feb 2024. If you were unable to attend want to remind yourself of some of the topics, you can watch a recording of the event above.

About this webinar

The cornerstone in tackling climate change lies in education. By instilling knowledge, education has the power to influence individuals' attitudes and behaviours, equipping them to make well-informed decisions. Within the educational setting, young minds can grasp the ramifications of global warming and acquire the skills to adapt to climate change. Education serves as an empowering force for all individuals, with a particular emphasis on motivating the youth to actively address environmental challenges.

Watch our webinar and hear from our panel speakers about their sharing on introducing quality climate change and sustainability education in schools to ensure young people develop the knowledge and skills they need for a changing world. 

About Education Exchange

Education Exchanges are free panel webinar events that bring together education practitioners from around the world to develop ideas, share great practice and inspire each other to find solutions to shared challenges.

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About the panel

This is a panel event, with speakers from around the world, followed by questions from the audience. 

Ana Romero

Ana Romero joined Wellington College in 2014. In her role at Wellington College as Head of Sustainability, Global Education Coordinator and Tutor at Wellington College, England. She is responsible for building international partnerships, networking and collaboration with third-party organisations. She works closely with staff and students in planning, implementing and evaluating projects and initiatives that aim to develop new competencies and learning experiences on climate change, global education and sustainability.

Before joining Wellington College, Ana worked for many years as an advisor in climate to local governments in Latin America, as well as an environmental expert for international NGOs in the field of environment, climate change and global citizenship. Her first attendance at COP was in Poznan, Poland (COP14), as a Climate Action Network International (CAN) organisation member. Since 2019 (COP25), Ana has been a senior advisor to the Mexican Government on the international climate negotiations, providing expertise in Capacity Building and Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE).

Dr. Nesreen Noureldin

Dr. Nesreen Noureldin is Vice Principal of Arabic Education and International Coordinator at British Columbia Canadian International School, Egypt and also the Quality Education Manager at CIRA Education. Nesreen has worked extensively on curricular and extracurricular in international activities for the past 10 years, connecting her students with the United Nations SDGs.

Nesreen has heavily participated in COP 26,27,28 events bringing climate education into her classroom.

Heeta Lakhani

Heeta Lakhani is a climate educator and entrepreneur dedicated to empowering vulnerable groups in intergovernmental decision-making and taking climate action. As Founder & Director of the ClimAct Foundation and with a Masters in Environmental Studies from TERI University, she is dedicated to nurturing change-makers who combat the climate crisis with knowledge-based action. Heeta was introduced to the United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) process at COP21 in 2015 and served as the Global Focal Point for YOUNGO during 2020 & 2021, playing a pivotal role in elevating youth voices on the global stage. She co-founded the Youth Negotiators Academy in 2022, to promote inclusivity in national delegations by training youth to be effective negotiators in the UN intergovernmental processes.

Professor Lizzie Rushton

Professor of Education and Head of the Education Division, University of Stirling. Recent collaborative work has included partnerships with UCL’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education and British Council Iraq to build climate change education capacity in Iraq as well as leading the British Council’s recently published report, Global priorities for enhancing school-based climate change and sustainability education which is available to read here.