SHARE is an EU Grant funded project with an overarching objective to strengthen regional cooperation, enhance the quality, competitiveness and internationalisation of ASEAN higher education institutions (HEIs) and students, contributing to an ASEAN Community since 2015, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

(The project is implemented by a consortium led by the British Council and comprising with DAAD (Germany), Campus France, EP-Nuffic (Netherlands), EUA and ENQA.)

Programme Objectives

1) Enhance the harmonisation of ASEAN higher education (HE) area through the formulation of ASEAN HE frameworks taking into account the European Union (EU) experience and work already underway across ASEAN through international partnership.

2) Support mutual recognition and student mobility among HEIs in ASEAN to strengthen people-to-people connectivity.

Expected results/outcome:

1. Policy Dialogues on enhancement of strategic issues in harmonisation of ASEAN HE, including all relevant stakeholders (Result 1)

2. ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework and ASEAN Regional Quality Assurance further developed through our work, supported by ASEAN stakeholders.

a) ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (Result 2a)

b) ASEAN Regional Quality Assurance (Result 2b)

3. ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS) and ASEAN-EU Credit Transfer System (AECTS) further developed and rested through mobility with scholarship.

a) ACTS (Result 3a)

b) AECTS (Result 3b)

c) ACTS and AECTS Student Mobility with Scholarship (Result 3c)

Implementation of EU SHARE project is between 5 January 2015 – 4 October 2019 (57 months)

The project is seeking the services of design, planning, field research work and technical writing of the study on Enhancing Intra-ASEAN University Student Mobility. This is to provide the conceptual and technical skills to conduct assessment of intra-ASEAN university student mobility, which includes the challenges and opportunities in fostering such mobility aiming at increasing the number of student mobility intra-ASEAN. This study consists of three sub-studies which contribute to the overall theme of enhancing Intra-ASEAN University Student Mobility.

The contracting authority is the British Council Indonesia and it is expected that the awarded contract will run from early July until 30 September 2019.

The technical expert is expected to provide:

1. Inception report: development of overall approach, work plan, management plan and budget.

2. In consultation with ASEAN Senior Officials on Education (SOM-ED) and ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating Committee (ACCC), appointed consultants will identify:

(i) the scope of intra-ASEAN university student mobility assessment; 

(ii) datasets required and plan of action for access to data with relevant approvals;

(iii) the conduct of interviews with relevant stakeholders; 

(iv) the need to conduct a workshop as part of the project implementation. 

3. Final Report of all studies, with potential for future studies in a second phase

There are three area of sub-studies: 

1) Assessment report on intra-ASEAN university student mobility;

2) Assessment on ASEAN student visa; 

3) ASEAN Single branded scholarships (Part 1 focus on Scholarship Schemes)

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The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 30 June, 2019, 11.59 Western Indonesian Time

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