We are seeking a short-term M&E consultant to take lessons learnt, highlight the successes, and measure the impact of the Artivism project.


Location UK with possible travel to Sudan and Ethiopia
Duration 26 February 2018 - 1 May 2018
Closing date Sunday 18 February 2018

Role overview

About the project

Artivism in the Horn of Africa is a joint Active Citizens and Culture and Development project, that aims to engage and empower young artists from Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia to effect positive change in their communities through arts and culture. 

The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to the promotion of peace and development in the Horn of Africa, whilst the specific objectives are to:

  • explore the link between arts and active citizenship
  • build the capacity of young artists to engage with their communities and bring about positive change through the arts
  • develop a network of young artists and activists in the Horn of Africa and create international connections for a global outlook. 

The expected learning outcomes of the programme for the young artists are:

  • increased ability to facilitate dialogue and networking across cultures, and work in collaboration with others
  • increased ability to adapt to the environment and people
  • increased understanding of the role of arts in effecting change in communities
  • increased skills for cascading training
  • increased levels of confidence, sense of purposefulness and motivation to take action on social issues
  • increased skills in leadership, facilitation and project management.

About the role

The British Council is looking for a short-term consultant to take lessons learnt from the project, highlight the successes, and measure the impact of the Artivism project in working towards the programme objectives and the expected learning outcomes.

This evaluation will be based on data collection from monitoring and evaluation that has already taken place, as well as the development of evaluation tools and active participation in the final phase of the project. Based on the learnings from the project, the consultant will also provide recommendations for monitoring and evaluation that will help to measure the sustainability and longer term impact of this project.

The consultant will:

  • work with relevant British Council staff and/or partners to collect evidence from the Artivism in the Horn of Africa project
  • conduct rigorous, mix-methods research to collect relevant evidence data which should include (but is not limited to) conducting workshops / focus groups with partners and individuals 
  • review existing evidence from internal and external evaluations to understand the state of evidence and be able to address some of the identified gaps 
  • determine how to present the final report of this impact / outcomes assessment task.

Most monitoring and evaluation tools have already been developed and used throughout the project. However, the information will need to be collated and analysed, and as the project is ongoing, the final evaluation tools and methods will need to be developed and delivered by the consultant.

Outputs will include:

  • an evaluation report of the project, analysing the participants’ learning outcomes and the programme objectives, including results from quantitative and qualitative data that has been gathered throughout the project
  • evaluation tools and methodology for final evaluation of the project (and guidance for BC staff if necessary)
  • recommendations for sustaining the network of young artivists in Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia
  • recommendations for monitoring and evaluating the long term impact of the project.

Qualifications and experience required


  • At least three years’ monitoring and evaluation experience
  • Experience of working in an international environment
  • Experience of writing evaluation reports for similar organisations
  • Experience of working on a socially-engaged and/or arts project.


  • Monitoring and evaluation experience for a community-based or arts-based project
  • Experience of working in Sudan, Ethiopia, MENA or Africa
  • Previous experience of working with the British Council
  • Experience of the Active Citizens programme or the British Council’s Culture and Development work.

How to apply

If you are interested, please find out more information in the Request for Proposals Document, complete the Supplier Response Document (Annex 2) and send to cultureanddevelopment@britishcouncil.org with the title ‘Artivism Evaluation – Your Name'.


 Please note, we can only respond to successful applicants and only within five working days of the application deadline.