We are seeking a consultant to undertake research into face-to-face and online teacher networks in the MENA region, as well as how teachers are using technology.



Location Home-based (no travel expected)
Duration 18 December 2017 - 31 March 2018
Closing date Sunday 10 December 2017

Role overview

About the project

We are seeking to develop our understanding and engagement with online and face-to-face teacher and teacher educator networks and groups across the region. We want to build our knowledge of teacher networks that currently exist and how teachers are using technology as part of their teaching practice and professional development. We are looking at how we can engage with formal and informal teacher networks such as teacher associations, teacher clubs and Teacher Activity Groups, as well as online groups on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and messaging apps such as WhatsApp. 

The British Council has supported the establishment of semi-formal teacher groups that meet once a month through Teacher Activity Groups in Palestine and Jordan and plans are underway to introduce them in Egypt in 2018. The British Council also has a large Facebook presence in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) aimed at learners of English. We are interested in how teachers and teacher educators can use these kinds of groups and networks for their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  

By helping us to understand the past and current situation regarding teacher networks and groups in the region and how teachers are using technology for their teaching and own development, this research shall inform the British Council’s planning for future engagement with teachers in MENA.

We are particularly interested in focusing on Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Palestine.  

About the role

The British Council in MENA is seeking a consultant to undertake research in the following: 

  1. face-to-face and online teacher networks
  2. how teachers are using technology in their teaching and for their professional development. 

This research will help us to understand the current situation and develop a strategy for greater engagement with teachers and teacher educators through online and face-to-face networks and communities of practice. It will also highlight how technology has been used successfully by teachers in their teaching and own professional development.  

The research consultant will work with the British Council’s English for Education Systems team in MENA to decide on the focus of the research and complete the following:

  • literature review into face-to-face and online teacher associations, teacher clubs, and other communities of practice, past and present in MENA
  • literature review of how technology has been used successfully in teacher education projects in MENA and in other parts of the world
  • surveys, interviews and focus groups with teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and policy makers
  • analysis of educational policy and thinking of policy makers, teachers, teacher educators, and school leaders towards teacher networks in MENA
  • analysis of current examples of face-to-face teacher networks in MENA and from countries in other regions 
  • analysis of how teachers are using online groups on websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for their professional development
  • analysis of online platforms, websites and software that can be utilised to develop and support communities of practice for teachers and teacher educators 
  • produce a final report that includes the above plus recommendations based on the research findings for us to support and develop our face-to-face and online engagement with teachers in MENA.

It is anticipated that for this research travel will not be required. 

Qualifications and experience required


  • Postgraduate qualification in a related field 
  • Extensive experience of conducting research in the area of teacher education
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of working with teacher associations and informal teacher groups
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of using technology for teacher development
  • Evidence of publications in a related area
  • Awareness of issues related to education in MENA. 


  • Experience of conducting research at distance 
  • Experience of working in the MENA region.

How to apply

If you are interested, please send the following tailored to the above requirements to jon.parnham@britishcouncil.org with the title 'Research Consultant: Online and F2F Teacher Networks, MENA' in the subject line:

  • a covering letter 
  • CV 
  • a proposal (maximum 1000 words) indicating the approach and expected number of days to complete the assignment
  • expected fee. 

Please note, we can only respond to successful applicants and only within five working days of the application deadline.