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STEM Education Programme success story

Improving Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is a key priority in Thailand and central to its sustainability in a global economy. With Newton Fund support, a group of STEM ambassadors are working with over 2,000 secondary school students to inspire them to engage with STEM education. 

To demonstrate the value of a career in STEM, ambassadors visit schools in small groups and share their personal career stories as well as facilitate practical activity sessions. Over 200 ambassadors have been trained so far in accordance with guidance from the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, co-supporters of the project. The ambassador programme has also funded 10 school directors to visit the UK to learn about STEM education and inspire them to launch the programme back in their own schools.

The ambassador programme is creating a shared approach in the UK and Thailand to what a STEM ambassador looks like and how they are trained. Broader than that, it is also strengthening co-operation between the two countries and helping build up links and networks in the STEM sector. In 2017, the programme won the Honorary Contribution Award from the Minister of Education.

"Students need to know that the work in STEM is beneficial to them and their country." Dr Chetana Ruangpratheep, STEM ambassador 


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