Study, work, and create in China

Think of China and you can’t help but be drawn into its rich history – the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors. But the focus in China is very much on the future, and now it’s established itself as a truly global economy, there are plenty of opportunities to experience this dynamic and vibrant country.

Through Generation UK, the British Council have opened up a range of opportunities in China, giving you the chance to experience this unique country while gaining valuable skills for the future.

Internships in China

Give yourself the edge when it comes to applying for jobs through a two month internship placement in China. You can choose your own work sector, which of six booming cities you want to work in, as well as a start date that suits you. For a summer internship, please apply at least eight weeks before your desired start date.

Study in China

Learn Mandarin and get a deeper understanding of China by studying at a Chinese university with a Generation UK – China scholarship. Scholarships are for between 5 -12 months of study, in various locations across China, and in a combination of different subjects.

Teach in China

With year long, paid placements and light teaching hours, becoming a Language Assistant is a unique way to experience China and develop essential transferrable skills. Experience of working in China is in huge demand in the workplace and as well as the language, you will develop a great cultural understanding of this fascinating country.

Research in China

Complete your doctoral study in China! UK PhD students and supervisors can spend a period of study of three to 12 months at higher education institutions in China with the UK-China PhD Placement Programme. Grants cover flights, accommodation, insurance, tuition, and a living stipend.

Work at the British Embassy in Beijing 

Gain valuable international work experience with a three to six month role working for the UK Visas and Immigration department as an Entry Clearance Officer or Visa Writer. Applications for roles starting in March/April 2017 close on 1 December 2016. 

Be inspired to go to China

Want to know more about what it is really like to live in China? You can read stories by past participants of the Gen UK-China programme and from other British nationals who have experienced China.

Check out some incredible photos taken by Gen UK-China participants who are abroad right now.

Upcoming Events

Find out more about the Generation UK-China programme at an upcoming event near you.


There are many more opportunities in China available to you than the ones mentioned above, and we’re here to help you find the best way to experience the country for yourself. Please send us an email at if you’d like to know more about current opportunities in China.

Full time jobs with the British Council in China



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