As the day of departure gets nearer, here are some of the essential things that your student will need to think about before heading off.

Do you need a visa?

If you do, you’ll almost certainly need to apply and get it approved before you travel.

Have you booked your flights?

Booking well in advance can save money and give you peace of mind.

Is your passport valid?

You can’t travel on an expired passport! Most countries will insist on the passport having at least six months left to fly.

Have you got a bank account?

It’s a good idea to set up a bank account in your destination country - your home bank will charge additional fees every time you take cash out abroad (apart from Metro Bank which never charges for withdrawals overseas. Visit Metro Bank for more information).

Have you got a mobile phone?

Think about buying a local mobile phone/sim card as soon as you arrive in your destination country.  It will be cheaper than using your UK mobile phone abroad.

Have you arranged insurance?

Insurance is a travel essential. There are specific sites that offer year abroad insurance, and it is best to be covered wherever you are. And consider whether you need to include medical cover as well.

Do you need any vaccinations or medication?

Take time to find out about health care in your destination country. Research the healthcare system, so that you are prepared  and you know how it works. Check whether you need vaccinations before you go. And if you are taking regular medication at home or you have a medical condition that might need attention, talk to your doctor before you go.