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Curriculum development

The most telling criticism of the TVET system is that curricula are not sufficiently related to labour market needs. The reason is the supply-driven nature of the system.

Curricula tend to be outdated and reviewed too infrequently, and training courses are still largely institution-based. Currently, greater efforts are being made to develop systems that use more industry attachments. Local partnerships are being developed between industry and individual training centres which will create alternative ways of providing practical skills training and will have a clear impact on curriculum reform.

As part of the TVET reform project, the Ministry of Education and the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) have revised and approved 43 curricula for the three year diploma course.

Links to training standards

Training standards are being developed in three industries, which should result in the skills needed in those industries being more clearly defined. The standards will then need to be translated into appropriate curricula and it will be a key issue to define the pre-requisites that allow students to move from one skill level to another or from one institution to another.

This issue ties in with the reforms taking place in Middle Technical Institutes and in secondary education. Standards and curricula will need to take into account the pre-requisites required for various courses and institutions and, conversely, pre-requisites will need to be set by taking into account standards that have been set by the relevant industry-related working parties.

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