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English language research
We commission research to develop knowledge of future issues in English language and we set up the networks to enable you to share that knowledge. Discover our research, take part in the debate and maintain a professional edge in English language.
English Next India 2010
Read English language researcher David Graddol’s latest publication English Next India and join the debate on the future of English in India.
English Next (2006)
Review David Graddol’s first book in the English Next series which explores recent trends in the use of English worldwide and its changing relationships with other languages. It builds on the analysis given in the Future of English.
The Future of English? (1997)
Discover the key trends affecting global English at the end of the Twentieth Century and beyond in David Graddol’s 1997 publication The Future of English?
Teaching English is a British Council and BBC website for professional teachers. Use the 'Talk' section to exchange your ideas and opinions on English language teaching and research.
English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme
Free membership to the ELTeCS  networking community of over 14,000 English language professionals provides you with the opportunity to join in debates about English language issues and research.
India China ELT Today (2009)
In 2009 we commissioned market research into the ELT markets in India and China focusing on changes in policy and the current opinions of learners, teachers and parents about their needs. Check out the market researc here.
IELTS - Take an IELTS exam in your Country - British Council
British Council is a partner on English Profile, a collaborative research project to produce Reference Level Descriptions for English

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