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The English Language Industry
How can the British Council help me market my language school?
The British Council actively promotes English in Britain Accredited course providers
If you are an EiBA institution, you will be aware that the Council already promotes and supports accredited institutions by various means, including direct placement, links from our website, the Global Education and Training Information Service and the EducationUK website.

Whether you are accredited or not, as a course provider you might benefit from our web-based publication What you need to know about marketing English language courses by Richard Batchelor, which is available on-line to all UK ELT course providers.

How can the British Council help me market my book/CD-ROM/website?
We recommend that if you have materials to promote, you promote them through specialist bookshops, distributors or direct mailings to UK course providers. If you wish to promote your materials to the British Council's worldwide teaching network, you should contact individual teaching centres as no decisions about materials are made centrally.
I'm thinking of opening a language school, can you help?

Visit our website to find out more about the standards required to become accredited. If you have specific questions about these standards and the process of applying for accreditation contact accreditation.unit@britishcouncil.org

You should also contact ARELS, the professional association that represents the private ELT sector for assistance and advice. www.arels.org.uk

We suggest you start by reading the books listed below (there are of course other excellent books too numerous to be listed here).

  • Management In English Language Teaching - White, R et al. ISBN 0521377633 CUP 1991 Introduction to areas of management such as financial aspects of running a school, marketing and promotion; case studies based on real teaching situations.
  • The ELT Manager's Handbook - Impey, G & Underhill, N ISBN 0435240900 Heinemann 1994 Practical advice on managing a successful language school.

The British Council promotes English in Britain Accredited organisations; if you do not fall in this category, see above.

Also, you should be aiming to gain accreditation as this will increase your promotional opportunities and the process of preparing for accreditation will have beneficial effects on the effectiveness of your school. Contact Accreditation Unit and ask for an accreditation information pack (UK only).

Can the British Council help me recruit teachers for my school?

For any queries relating to recruitment, we suggest that you try contacting the following organisations:

59 South Molton Street
London W1K 5SN
Telephone +44 (0)20 7491 1911
Fax +44 (0)20 7493 3657
E-mail recruit@saxoncourt.com
Website www.saxoncourt.com/index.htm

Worldwide Education Service
Canada House, 272 Field End Road, Eastcote
Middlesex HA4 9NA, UK
Telephone +44 (0)20 8582 0317
Fax +44 (0)20 8429 4838
E-mail wes@wesworldwide.com
Website www.wesworldwide.com

We also suggest that you advertise in the specialist press, such as The English Language Gazette (elgazette@compuserve.com) and Tuesday's Education Guardian.
The Web is an additional tool in teachers' recruitment: try the Digital Education Network's ELT Job Centre at www.jobs.edufind.com.

Can you send me a list of agents who send groups of language students to the UK?
Listings of agents may be available from individual British Council offices. Any listings of educational agents that we do have have been incorporated into the GETIS Profiles that form part of the Global Education and Training Information Service.

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