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The International School Award
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The International School Award (ISA) is a prestigious accreditation scheme, managed by the British Council. The Award recognises and celebrates schools that are committed to developing international partnerships which enrich the curriculum and help young learners to become global citizens.

Connecting Classrooms is designed to enable schools to achieve the ISA, by providing the structure and experience needed to satisfy the criteria for application.

ISA accreditation in the UK

The ISA has been running successfully in the UK since 1999. Schools in the UK are expected to register for the Foundation level ISA (as a minimum) before they apply to participate in Connecting Classrooms. They are also encouraged and supported to work towards the Intermediate and/or Full stages of the ISA during the course of their Connecting Classrooms partnerships.

UK schools that already have ISA accreditation when they join Connecting Classrooms are encouraged to apply for repeat accreditation if it expires during their involvement in the programme.

To register for the Foundation ISA, complete a Statement of Intent, then follow the instructions on the ISA web pages. Here, you will also find more information about the scheme, including assessment criteria.

ISA accreditation in all other countries

We run the International School Award in many other countries outside the UK (often in partnership with national education bodies or ministries) and with the same rigorous standards and criteria. Contact us if you would like to find out if and how the scheme is run in your country.

Further British Council award schemes

We offer additional award schemes specifically for learners, teachers, school leaders and partnership co-ordinators to recognise and reward commitment to international working. Contact us to find out more about the British Council International Leader Award, the British Council International Teacher Award or the British Council Global Citizen Award, and how these schemes are run in your country. (Please note that not all of these awards are available in each country.)

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