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Download the 2014/15 Handbook here

Accreditation UK is the quality assurance scheme for the UK ELT sector.

We inspect organisations in the UK offering English language courses.

Accreditation provides students with a guarantee of choice and quality.

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British Council Services for International Education Marketing (SIEM)  

Registration is now open for accredited ELT providers  

British Council accredited ELT providers are now able to register at https://siem.britishcouncil.org/ to access a range of opportunities and information, SIEM resources and services though the website.  

SIEM is a global programme to support UK Education institutions in their international work.  SIEM operates in 37 countries, providing services for international student recruitment, including market intelligence, sharing opportunities, market news and reports to facilitate effective promotion of UK education.

Your SIEM account manager for ELT is Tom Poole elt.siem@britishcouncil.org

Please note: The names of accredited ELT providers are pre-loaded into the registration form to simplify the verification of applications (schools in the same ownership are listed under the group name).


Accredited providers are reminded of the requirement to submit an annual declaration and the latest publicity materials to the Accreditation Unit.

The 2013-14 Annual Declaration form is available now and can be accessed using this link. Please complete and submit your declaration to us as soon as possible electronically as an attachment to accreditation.unit@britishcouncil.org.

The deadline for submission of annual declarations and publicity is 15 February 2014.

In addition to your electronic submission please post a copy of your publicity materials together with a hard copy of the annual declaration to the address below: Annual Declaration returns Accreditation Unit British Council Bridgewater House 58 Whitworth Street Manchester M1 6BB  

The Accreditation UK Handbook 2014-15 is now available. Please note the changes to section 3.1 Claiming accreditation and the inspection criteria for Teaching and Care of under 18s.

Becoming Accredited
The Accreditation Scheme provides many promotional and developmental benefits for its accredited institutions, who range from small family run language schools to large university and college departments. Find out how to apply.
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Accredited Zone
For up-to-date information on inspection deadlines, pre-inspection briefings, standards and criteria for 2014/15, and the latest Scheme developments, access to information for accredited providers only.
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Inspectors' Zone
Keep up to date with opportunities and shared practice through the inspectors’ only site.
If you want to study English in the UK at a school, college or university providing a high quality service, make sure you choose an accredited centre. There are over 550 organisations to choose from, located across the UK.

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