Haris Pasovic speaking for the British Council and BBC ©

British Council

On Sunday 22 June, BBC broadcaster Allan Little was joined by a live audience and Balkan historians Bojan Aleksov and Amir Duranović, at the War Theatre SARTR in Sarajevo, Bosnia. They discussed nationalism and the First World War and the impact of the war on nationalism to this day.  

Celebrated theatre director Haris Pasovic shared a very personal take on the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in a specially commissioned Essay which formed the centrepiece of the evening.

The debate was broadcasted to a global audience on the BBC World Service on Saturday 28th June and Sunday 29th June and will also be part of a BBC Radio 3 programme on the events series as a whole. The recording is still accessible here. To mark the event, Allan Little who worked in the Balkans for a long time wrote an article on Sarajevo and World War One, which was published in a Bosnian newspaper. The original English version is available below.

The event in Bosnia marked the first in a series of debates entitled The War that Changed the World, which sees the BBC World Service and the British Council working together in partnership to examine the legacy and relevance of the First World War around the world today. The debates are hosted by Allan Little, Amanda Vickery and Razia Iqbal and also travel to Germany, UK, Turkey, Russia, India, France, Kenya, USA and Jordan.