Sonke Neitzel, Amanda Vickery, Herlinde Koelbl and Annika Mombauer in Dresden ©

British Council

One hundred years ago the First World War set the course for the twentieth century; for the countries that took part nothing would be the same again. In this British Council and BBC World Service series we look at the impact of the war from around the world.

This was the first modern war, a war in which traditional battle plans yielded to modern weaponry. Ingenious and innovative, the military on all sides developed new industrial devices for destruction.

German historians Dr Annika Mombauer and Dr Sönke Neitzel discussed Methods and Morality with BBC broadcaster and historian Professor Amanda Vickery. Eminent photo-artist, Herlinde Koelbl is one of Germany's most respected photographers and known for her unique insight and political focus. She brought her unique vision of modern military 'Targets' in a specially commissioned essay for the British Council.

A radio recording of The War that Changed the World: Methods and Morality was broadcasted across the world by the BBC World Service. The broadcast is still accessible via BBC iPlayer.

This special debate was a highlight of Dresden's Museum Sommernacht and took place in the impressive Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr. 

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