Tata Consultancy Services internships

Applications for internships with Tata Consultancy Services in India are currently closed. To stay up to date with this and other opportunities in India, sign up for Generation UK-India alerts in the sidebar.

What's it all about?

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered with the British Council to provide paid opportunities for 1,000 graduate interns from the UK to train and work in India between 2016 and 2020 as part of Generation UK-India.

These internships will equip a generation of UK graduates with the necessary digital skills and understanding of India to excel in the globalised world we live in today as well as helping internationalise the Indian workplace. The internships will be of particular interest to those with an IT or STEM background.

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the four most valuable Information Technology companies in the world, ranking 10th on the Fortune 500 India list andis one of the largest private sector employers in India

What will I be doing?

Successful applicants will take part in a 12 month internship and receive training in the technical and commercial skills needed for a career in a global IT company. You will be working on a client account which will most likely be a UK business such as a high street bank or retailer. This will give you an in-depth insight into how TCS serve these clients and support them to innovate and improve their business to drive success. There may also be an opportunity to return to work for TCS in the UK after the year internship.

Some example role profiles can be found at the foot of this page, although the actual roles may differ slightly depending on the individual and the client. Please note it is not guaranteed that these roles will be available in future recruitment rounds. The majority of posts available will be technical roles.

Who can apply?

We are looking for candidates who are motivated to work for a global IT company and develop their skills in this sector. In addition you should be fascinated by the relationship between the UK and India and have a real interest in India's role in our world today.

These internships are best suited to candidates from a science, technology, engineering and mathematics background. You will also be required to have a strong  understanding of IT. All applicants should include information on any study, work or extracurricular experience where you have had to use technology.

This is an opportunity to get involved and learn but also to contribute your ideas and skills to a fast paced and innovative organisation.

In order to be considered for a TCS internship it is essential that you:

  • have a permanent address in the UK
  • have the right to work in the UK
  • be a native English speaker or have high proficiency in English
  • have completed secondary or higher education in the UK 
  • have a minimum of two years Higher Education experience at a UK institution by July 2016.

If you have already graduated you must have completed the most recent university level qualification a maximum of 3 years prior to the date of application

Please note you can only undertake one Generation UK-India placement per year although you are welcome to apply for all the opportunities

How do I apply?

Applications for all positions are now closed. 

Sign up for alerts to get the latest information on the opportunities available, and if you have any further queries please contact us on generationukindia.enquiries@britishcouncil.org 

How much will I be paid?

You will receive a monthly allowance of INR35,000 including food vouchers. This has been benchmarked against market rates and is enough to cover essential costs whilst on an assignment in India

In addition, TCS will provide health insurance coverage during your placement and accommodation for your first two weeks in India. You will also get allocated holiday to explore and experience the sights, sounds and life in the country.

TCS will organise and pay for the one way flight from India to the UK on completion of the 12 month internship.

How much will it cost me?

Successful applicants will need to cover the following costs:

  • Travel to a pre-departure briefing in London
  • Flight to India
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa 
  • Vaccinations
  • A placement fee of £300
  • Accommodation - The British Council will offer guidance for finding affordable and safe accomodation. 

Support with costs

We will be offering a certain number of applicants a 50% reduction on the placement fee to support with the upfront costs required to undertake the internship.

To be eligible for the scholarship you must have received a maintenance grant whilst at university in England, Northern Ireland or Wales or a Young Students Bursary if you are based in Scotland.

The maintenance grant or bursary must have been received within the last 2 years.

We may not be able to offer the reduction to all eligible applicants. If necessary we will base our final decision on the amount of funding received and the quality assessment score of each applicant.

What support will I receive?

All interns will be required to attend a pre-departure briefing in the UK and an induction on arrival in India. These briefings are designed to get you thinking about dealing with cultural differences, informing you about best working practices and how to tackle every day practicalities.

You will be based in modern offices and part of a dynamic workforce who will provide an immediate support network. You will also be assigned a TCS project manager who will be your first point of contact and who will meet with you for regular evaluations to monitor your progress. 

The British Council in India and the UK will also offer support before, during and after your internship and you will be put in contact with participants on other Generation UK-India programs to help you create a social network. You will also receive updates about events from the British Council office in India situated closest to you.

What will I gain?

As well as giving you the chance to learn digital and business skills at one of the IT industry’s most successful businesses, an internship with TCS will also give you the opportunity to gain experience of living and working in one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing economies.

Interns will undergo an intensive training programme to develop your understanding of technology and to understand how it is being used to support big business to develop and become more efficient. TCS has over 300,000 employees so this is also the chance to experience being part of a large, dynamic organisation that is dedicated to innovation and change. 

What happens after I've applied?

Once you have submitted your application it will then be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Technical expertise
  • Motivation to work for TCS
  • Skills and interests
  • Motivation to spend time in India
  • Adaptability
  • Expression and presentation

If you pass the initial eligibility and quality checks you will be invited to attend an interview at one of the British Council or TCS offices across the UK. 

Candidates who successfully pass the interview stage of the process will receive confirmation within 2 weeks of the interview. Pre-departure briefings will take place approximately a month in advance of departure.

All successful applicants will need to be in the UK in advance of their departure in order to apply for the appropriate visa for their internship.