What’s it all about?

Would you like to earn money, enhance your CV… and discover a new country?

With a paid industry traineeship organised by IAESTE (the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) you can do all three. 

You could do a placement for 6 – 52 weeks in one of 80 countries. Taking part is fantastic way to:  

  • Earn money and enhance your CV 
  • Gain paid industry experience with top international employers 
  • Develop your professional knowledge and contacts 
  • Boost your confidence and communication skills
  • Explore a new country and culture 

Where can I go?

IAESTE has partnerships with 86 countries around the world. With contacts everywhere from Bolivia to Belgium, Tanzania to Thailand, you’re bound to find an experience to suit you.

Find out more here. 

How long does it last?

Traineeships can last between 6 weeks and a whole year, depending on your personal circumstances and where you’re going.

What does it cost?

The good news is that this isn’t some unpaid internship where you have to sacrifice your own money for the benefit of something to put on your CV. You will be paid, but you’ll also have to factor in some of your own money.

IAESTE will generally make sure you receive enough money to cover food, accommodation and local travel, although the precise amount varies from country to country.

You will have to cover costs for your own travel to the country of your choice, plus any insurances and visas. Most sending countries also require you to pay a placement fee, which is determined by the individual members and co-operating institutions.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

In a word, no. You are only required to speak good English, but any foreign languages will help your application.

Can I apply?

The basic requirements for applying to IAESTE are: 

  • over the age of 19
  • a full time undergraduate student of science, engineering, technology or applied arts
  • in the second year of study or above 
  • enrolled in a UK university.

See a full list of eligibility criteria here. 

When’s the deadline?

7 December 2017. 

What they say

"In July 2016 I had the incredible opportunity to go to Germany, for an IAESTE internship in Automotive Engineering & Vehicle Acoustic. I was lucky to be supervised by a wonderful professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Foken and helped by amazingly cooperative colleagues. I compared different stimulation methods for experimental modal analysis on vehicle assemblies and vibration analysis within the framework of modal analysis.

I formed strong friendships with people from more than 15 countries of the world. During the weekends I visited all the major cities in Germany & three more bordering countries with my friends. I learnt a lot in terms of my work experience in a university lab, accepted challenges which I didn’t know I had in me to tackle as well as experienced whole new cultures, languages, cuisines & beer! My time in Germany is something that I will never ever forget because it has enriched me in so many ways. My IAESTE internship was honestly, the best thing I have ever done!"

– Rajon Bhuiyan, IAESTE trainee 2016

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