English Language Assistant Video Competition

‘Mille Grazie: Say ‘Thank you’ to the Tutor who changed your life’ and win a £40 Amazon gift card

Calling all 2015-16 language assistants!

What we are looking for:

Film yourself surrounded by things you have brought back from your posting. Talking to camera:

  • Tell us the name of the tutor that recommended the scheme to you.
  • Say thank you to him/her
  • Tell us why your Language Assistants experience changed your life

You don’t have to do it all in one take but try to do each section as a single take. The whole thing should take no longer than 45 seconds.

We’d also like a maximum of five minutes footage that you’ve filmed in the country you were posted to. We’re looking for pictures that show the side of the place that you only really see when living there, whether it’s a small cafe off the beaten track in Pavia, Italy, or the best hole-in-the-wall dumpling stall in Hangzhou, China. The images that sum up the experience you’ve had of seeing the place as a resident not a tourist.

If you don’t have anything like that don’t worry, we’ll accept up to 20 still images instead. Or you could even take pictures of some of the mementos you have. A train ticket, a programme from the opera, an artefact. Anything you have that reminds you of your posting.

The prizes

The first four people to post their videos to the Study Work Create Facebook page (which fufil the requirements of the brief above) will be eligible for a £40 Amazon gift voucher. 

Why say Thank you?

We know the role of your University Tutor is extremely important in helping you to decide to apply to be a language assistant and supporting you with your application. We want your help to say ‘Thank you’ to them and to acknowledge the care and support they provide.

How do I enter?

Upload your film to Vimeo, ensure it is downloadable and post a link to it on the Study Work Create Facebook page

See the full competition terms and conditions attached.