Entries for Competition Hong Kong are closed. 

What's it all about?

Hong Kong – The Pearl of the Orient; the place where East meets West and ancient traditions meet future thinking. There are few cities in the world that meet the levels of vibrancy that Hong Kong does, and the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office London is offering 6th form students (year 12 and 13) the chance to experience it all.

So while most of your friends will be spending the summer looking to earn a bit of cash, you could be one of five lucky winners jetting off for a month at a Hong Kong university. All you have to do is to tell us why Hong Kong is a unique and attractive place for British students to travel to. Sound good? Then it’s time to get creative.

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Can I apply?

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then you need to make sure you’re eligible. To take part in the competition you must:

• be a British citizen holding a UK passport and fluent in English

• be in full-time education at sixth form (year 12 or 13) in the UK

• have parental or guardian consent

• be able to support yourself financially whilst in Hong Kong.

How do I enter?

To take part in the competition, you need to design a 48-hour travel itinerary for youth travellers visiting Hong Kong. The project should show how Hong Kong is unique and attractive to youth travellers. Students are also expected to compare the travel experience between Hong Kong and a UK city. Entries can be through any means – an essay or through social media, for example a video clip on YouTube, a post in a blog. Five winners will be selected and entries will be judged based on content, creativity and presentation.

See the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office website for more details.

How much will it cost?

The five lucky winners will each receive:

  • return flights
  • tuition fee for the summer course at a Hong Kong University
  • accommodation for the duration of the course.

As a competition winner you will be expected to cover your own visa application fee, travel insurance, meal costs and other local transportation costs.

Why should I go?

This isn’t just the chance to visit somewhere on the other side of the world or impress your grandparents when they ask you what you’re up to over the summer. This is a real opportunity to open your eyes to a completely different culture, and add something impressive to your CV. They say it's a small world, but it’s not really – it’s massive. This is your chance to understand it all a little better. What have you got to lose?

What do they say?

“Without a doubt it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done. For me it was my first time in Asia, and Hong Kong just unlocked the door to a world I never even imagined. The mixture of ancient and modern makes Hong Kong a great place to be a student. It’s at the heart of the globalising world, which has created such a diverse and multi-cultural environment that there’s a wealth of new experiences to be had every day, and this makes student life really fast paced and really exciting.”

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