Study Abroad Opportunities

You could spend next year studying in mainland Europe with Erasmus, practicing your language skills with an English Language placement, or funding your study abroad year with one of our scholarships. There are loads of ways to study abroad, you just have to decide where to go. 

A week, 3 weeks, 3 months, a year?

We have a whole range of exciting and pioneering study abroad options to offer, worldwide and in the UK. Our programs offer a wide range of opportunities, short term and long term, for all fields. Take a look around and see which ones best fit your needs. 

Studying abroad is more than just a year or term away; it is a great way to gain extra credits and funding, to deepen your knowledge, and gain the skills and international experience that your future employers are looking for. Many students deem their year abroad to be a life changing experience! 


Study opportunities