What's it all about?

All over the world researchers are helping to expand our knowledge of a wide variety of subjects – from maths and science to technology and politics. But the real breakthroughs come when that knowledge is shared across countries and cultures, and that’s exactly what Euraxess was set up to do.

By providing support, advice and funding for researchers, Euraxess UK can help you collaborate with other international researchers in your field and share your knowledge across the world. They also have a wealth of experience helping people relocate to other countries, so whether it’s medical care or childcare, accommodation or taxation, Euraxess is the place to find the answers.

How does it work?

Euraxess is basically a hub for all things related to international research. It works in three key areas: jobs, services and rights, and is completely free to researchers who are interested in working abroad. You get funding for your travels, apply for fellowships and placements overseas, find a completely new job on the other side of the world, or just give you some useful pointers for life in a different country.

No matter where you’re looking to go, Euraxess will help you get there.

What funding can I get?

Grants available to Researchers vary from country to country and specific fields of work. You can use our funding database to search for current opportunities depending on your own personal skills, level of experience, and where you’re looking to go.

Can I apply?

Euraxess UK is free to use for all researchers at all stages of their careers. If you’d like to talk to someone about taking your research abroad there are a number of local contacts at universities across the UK. You can find the full list here.

When’s the deadline for funding?

New opportunities are being posted all the time on the site, and each one will have its own individual deadline.

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What they say

"Beginning PhD studies and collaborative research in a foreign country is a challenging process even without the paperwork associated with foreign living. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Aleksandra, EURAXESS, and all the support and assistance I received from others along the way. Their help and continued support allows me to focus on research and becoming a professional. Their assistance makes international development not only a possibility, but an attractive and adventurous reality!"

– Dennis James Madden at the University Split, Croatia