What's it all about?

There are thousands of youth projects running the length and breadth of the UK, from environmental activities to projects to combat extremism and foster citizenship. They all make a massive contribution to developing skills and building confidence in young people, which is why Erasmus+ has been set up to give them the financial support they need.

Between now and 2020 Erasmus+ aims to help 500,000 young people and 800,000 youth workers across Europe to either volunteer abroad or take part in a youth exchange, or to train abroad. If you work with young people and are looking for opportunities, then it’s definitely worth finding out how Erasmus+ can help. 

Can I apply?

The basic requirement is that you’re part of a UK organisation working with young people aged between 13 and 30. But there are individual requirements for each of the  Erasmus+ Key Action activities, so you’re best referring to each individual section for full details.

What can I do?

The Erasmus+ programme for the youth sector is split in three ways (Key Actions): Mobility for young people and youth workers, strategic partnerships for youth, and structured dialogue. 

Take young people abroad (Key Action 1 - Mobility)

Key Action 1

As the name suggests, Key Action 1 is about getting out and about, and experiencing other countries. It could be a youth exchange, a volunteering trip through the European Voluntary Service, or some additional training and networking for youth workers. And whether it lasts for a few days or a whole year, Erasmus+ can help you with the funding of it.

Find out more, and see if your group is eligible.

Bring organisations together to improve youth work (Key Action 2 - Strategic partnerships)

Key Action 2

Key Action 2 is all about bringing together different youth organisations from around Europe to open up new opportunities, improve skills and share new thinking. The partnerships could last anything between six months and three years, and include a range of activities: from developing new practices and innovative ideas to arranging joint training events. A minimum of three partners from three different European countries must be involved and you could be entitled to a grant of up to €150,000 a year. Well worth more than a quick look.

Find out more about strategic partnerships.

Bring together young people and policy/decision makers (Key Action 3 - Structured dialogue)

Key Action 3

Structured dialogue is all about understanding different points of view and letting people have their opinions heard. By bringing young people together with the policy and decision-makers we can gain a more rounded understanding of how to make things better for Youth Groups. This all takes place through conferences, debates and seminars around Europe with individual projects lasting between three months and two years. If you want your voice heard, then this is where to do it.

Find out more about structured dialogue.

When’s the deadline?


There are three application rounds in 2017 for each Key Action, you can find a full list of upcoming dates here, or sign up to the Erasmus+ enewsletter to stay up to date with all the latest news.

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