BAFTA Scholarship Programme in China

What is it all about?

BAFTA Scholarship Programme in China is a new initiative that supports UK-China cross-cultural exchange by enabling talented Chinese and British nationals to study film, television, or games as an international student in the UK or China respectively.

Why should I go?

British citizens can apply for up to £10,000 for a course in China, and up to £10,000 for living expenses. The scholarship recipients will also be mentored by industry professionals, and have free access to BAFTA events.

Am I eligible?

We will consider applications from British citizens who wish to study a course in China that meets the following criteria: 

1. A practical course in film, television or games, where the core studies relate to a craft eligible for BAFTA awards recognition.

2. No more than two years in length, including short courses.

3. Provides Chinese language training for non-fluent speakers, or is taught in English.

4. Taught at a Chinese institution (not an outpost of a foreign university) based in China.


How long does it last?

The scholarship is for one year, but if you are selected and your course is two years long, you will be considered again for your second year. The deadline for applications to study in mainland China is Friday 3 June 2016.

How much will it cost?

It is free to apply for a BAFTA Scholarship. You will only need to pay for anything that exceeds the amounts provided for course fees and living expenses.

How do I apply?

You can apply online here.

When is the deadline?

Friday 3 June 2016 to study in mainland China.