Freya Morgan: British Council Intern

Freya interned at the British Council during the summer of 2015. Read more about what she thought it was like working for the British Coucil.

Interning for the British Council was one of the best experiences of my life; it was hard work, complicated and sometimes overwhelming but also incredibly rewarding. Even though I was a junior member of staff in the organisation, I was always treated with respect and given a range of tasks and responsibilities. The support from the Human Resources team was phenomenal and the entire experience, particularly the broad variety of internships, was unique. I learned a lot about myself, working in a professional team and the commercial arts world in a supportive and welcoming environment. I would thoroughly recommend this experience to other graduates and undergraduates seeking an interesting and challenging experience over summer.

The internship programme has been incredibly supportive in not only fostering the skills of the interns as a group but also managing expectations of the interns who have yet to experience the workplace. Everything has been clear, well thought through and organised. In addition, the Human Resources team was exceptional- in all the jobs I've done before I've never come across a team as friendly as this one!

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