Ted: IAESTE Placement in Germany

Ted Bellamy, an Environmental Engineering student from the University of Swansea, spent his placement year in Berlin, Germany.

What attracted you to apply for an IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) Work Placement?

The opportunity to experience life working abroad was the first thought that went through my mind when I saw this programme. For me I had been craving this work/life experience since I first went travelling a couple of years back, just to really experience what it would be like to move away from the UK to become part of a different way of life and culture. I had been looking for a while to grab a chance to move for work relevant to my studies and IAESTE offered an easy way to do so, so I applied and finally got the opportunity to experience working life abroad.  

What new experiences did you open your eyes to on your IAESTE placement?

So many new experiences and adventures I gained from my IAESTE placement, firstly was the Berlin big city lifestyle. Having never lived near or in a large city before was a new experience for me but Berlin was fantastic and completely changed my opinion. Then there’s the work, even though it was in Germany the workforce was international with a great mix of people from loads of different backgrounds you get to learn so much about every culture! Plus working and living with the other interns from IAESTE who were on my placement was a great laugh, every day after work was good fun and brilliant socialising especially weekend parties in Berlin!

What did your work placement entail and how was it related to your degree?

I was working for ZALF which is a scientific research park just outside of Berlin, where my task was along with the other interns was to measure trace gas emissions from German agricultural landscapes and wetlands to determine their global warming potential by statistical analysis and modelling of the measured data. This is related to my course as the job was essentially environmental science which is a key part of my degree in Environmental Engineering.

What was your best experience on IAESTE?

The experience as a whole I guess I finally got my wish to experience working life abroad and loved every second of it and now know that moving away when I finish my degree is definitely for me! Also the fantastic people who I met and friendships made along the way, they made this whole experience for me and I hope to stay in contact with in the future.

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