Study Abroad Student Stories

Making the decision to leave your friends and family at home to study abroad in a foreign country can seem very daunting. Students are often nervous about making new friends, being able to fit in, or understanding the language. Deciding to take the plunge and study abroad can be hard, but every year students come back and tell us that their time abroad was the best experience of their degree. Students who study abroad have a richer understanding of other cultures, are able to adapt to new situations, and have a stronger confidence in their abilities – all skills that employers are looking for. Not to mention, study abroad students tend to have the best Instagram feeds. 

Each year, thousands of students study abroad with British Council and Erasmus+. We have collected some of their stories so you can see what life is like when you study abroad.

Erasmus+ Study Abroad

Ben Lindsey: Study abroad in Budapest

Ben improved his confidence and travelled when he was studying in Budapest, Hungary for one year as part of his Economics and Banking Degree.

Lauren Norman: study abroad in Turkey

Lauren made loads of friends improved her Turkish language skills while studying law ain Ankara, Turkey.

Victoria Doherty: Study Abroad in Toulouse, France and Málaga, Spain

One study abroad term wasn't enough for Victoria, who reflects on differences between life in the UK, Spain, and France

William Hannell: Study Abroad in Prauge

William enjoyed studying history and English in Prauge so much, he extended his exchange to spend a full year in the Czech Republic.

Generation UK-China Scholarships

George Harding-Rolls: Peking University

Read about George's experience at Peking University thanks to a Generation UK China scholarship.


Frederick studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing, practicing his new language skills whilst exploring the bustling city and quiet countryside.


Cailin spent six months in Shandong learning Mandarin - her knowledge of Chinese culture and language has helped her land  a job when she returned to the UK.


Connor Gower decided to spend the year after his graduation studying Chinese Language at Yantai University. 

Generation UK-India Study Placements


Nafisa Bakkar went on the "Entrepeurship in India" short term placement last year. He talks about why he chose to go to India, and why you should to.

Study USA

Ben Williams: Study Abroad in Michigan

Ben went on an epic roadtrip across the USA while he was studying in Michigan.