Generation UK - India Past Participants Stories

Our Generation UK India programme encourages UK students and young professionals to experience contemporary India, helping build relationships and connections with one of the fastest growing economies. Generation UK India provides a variety of programs to India, including teaching placements, scholarships, and internships.

We understand that deciding to complete a placement halfway across the world can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. That is why we asked some of the past participants of different Generation UK India programmes to tell us about their experiences in India. They talk about why they, and why you, should choose India.

You see India through the lens of this year’s participants through the hashtags #WhyChooseIndia and #GenUKIndia on Twitter and Instagram.

Past Participant Stories

Rosie Brent-Turner: Teaching in Jammu

Rosie spent 5 months as a teaching assistant and local celebrity in Jammu, in the northern province of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ruth Taylor: Chai and Indian Life

Ruth Taylor describes her experiences in India through the countries favourite beverage, a cup of chai. 

Sam Pepper: Teaching In India

Samuel Pepper spent a semester in Bhubaneswar as a teaching assistant with the Teach In India programme. 

Sophie Quick: Why Choose India

Sophie Quick describes her experience of living in India, and all the wonderful things that she believes that India encompasses. 

Nafisa Bakkar - Study in India

Nafisa Bakkar went on the "Entrepreneurship in India" short term placement last year. She talks about why she chose to go to India, and why you should to.

Ben Carpenter: Work in India

Ben talks about what you could gain from a work placement in India

Bobby Sebolao - Five things I have learned while working in India

Bobby Sebolao, who did a five-month teaching placement in India, shares what struck him most about the people he has met there.

Henry Latham: How India kicked off my tech start-up

Henry, who founded BackTracker, a start-up with staff in both the UK and India, calls for UK-based entrepreneurs to recognise India for its real offer.