Simon Roche

Name: Simon Roche

University:  Loughborough University

Programme: Zhuhai, 2 Month Internship, January 2015

Why did you apply?

Having just graduated from my undergraduate degree in International Business, I really wanted to get some international work experience. I was also interested in learning more about China, having already spent a semester studying abroad in Hong Kong and taken part in a summer school in Shanghai.  Overall this programme seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.

What did you do?

I learnt an awful lot during my internship, which I spent working in an English language consultancy. Day-to-day, I had varied task including managing social media, writing blogs and creating whiteboard videos. I even was able to attend a conference on the future development of Zhuhai's new business centre. 

What did you enjoy the most?

The most enjoyable part of China for me was the food. I loved trying all the local delicacies; having baozi (steamed buns) for breakfast every day, eating dumplings, dim sum, hot pot, Sichuan style pork ribs, to name a few. It was all delicious and such a variety of different types of food.

Would you recommend the programme?

It's an excellent opportunity for young people to experience a new culture and also to gain work experience. It is professionally done and my experience with InternChina was exceptional.

Simon completed a two month internship with InternChina, which was funded by Generation UK-China. Find out more about funded internship opportunities with Generation UK-China.