Nikki Motohashi

Name: Nikki Motohashi

University: Durham University

Programme: Chengdu, 2 Month Internship, June 2015

Why did you apply?

I thought it would be an invaluable opportunity to combine my desire to live and travel in China with gaining useful work experience for the future.

What did you do?

I loved my placement: my colleagues couldn't have been more helpful and friendly, and the work was very diverse. My biggest day-to-day tasks were translating and editing jobs but we also went on several field trips to educate children about their local environment.

What did you enjoy the most?

I loved the opportunity to travel to places off the beaten track: the trip to Kangding/Tagong and my day hiking Qingsheng mountain involved some of the most beautiful scenery that I'd ever seen. I loved the chance to immerse myself in this very different culture and already miss the excellent food, fascinating sights and welcoming people.

How did the programme benefit you? 

If it had not been for Generation UK funding I could not have applied for this internship opportunity so I cannot thank the programme enough for the chance to live and work in China; it has been such an amazing two months. 

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