Name: Max Fielden

Home University:  Manchester Metropolitan University

Programme: Shenzhen, 2 Month Internship, June 2014

Why did you apply?

I know that nowadays a good degree is not necessarily enough to get a good job upon graduation. I needed something else to make me stand out from the other candidates, such as an internship. The Generation UK programme provided a means to live a fantastic experience whilst simultaneously enhancing my CV.

What did you do? 

My two months in China were the best two months of my life. The pharmaceutical company I worked for was fantastic - my colleagues were very kind and the work we were doing was cutting-edge and exciting. I had frequent one-to-one meetings with the CEO, which made me feel truly valued. It was an honour to contribute to work which could one day make a real difference to millions of people’s lives. 

What did you enjoy the most?

The most exciting part of my time in China was experiencing the vastly different culture. Chinese people are some of the kindest you will ever meet. Chinese food is incredibly varied but always incredibly tasty. Shenzhen was clean and modern and the weather was fantastic. China is the new land of opportunity, where it feels like anything is possible.

How did the programme benefit you? 

The Generation UK programme helped me to improve my knowledge of China, Chinese language and my scientific knowledge. It enabled me to have experiences I never could have had on my own, which helped me to grow as a person, become more confident and decide the direction I wanted my life to follow. The work I did there looks great on my CV and it gives me something I'm truly passionate about to discuss with companies during interviews. 

Would you recommend the programme?

The Generation UK programme offers a unique opportunity to make your CV stand out from the crowd, whilst you get to visit amazing far-flung places with fantastic food and wonderful weather. It'll help you to grow as a person and catapult you into a job after graduation.

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