Photo credit: Connor Gower

Our Generation UK – China programme brings UK students and young professionals to China, helping them to enhance their long-term job prospects and develop a global mindset through both study and work experience opportunities. 

China is a country steeped in rich culture and history; but with a new language, large population and differing customs, we also understand that stepping into the unknown can be daunting. Therefore, we’ve asked some of our Generation UK – China ‘alumni’ to tell us about their challenges, rewards and experiences. From two-month internships to a year studying at a Chinese university, they tell us why they, and why you, should choose Generation UK – China.   

Intern in China

Kevin Norman: Intern in Chengdu

Kevin overcame his initial hesitation of working and living so far from home, working for an app development company in Chengdu, China.

Max Fielden: Intern in Shenzhen

Max interned at a pharmaceutical company, doing cutting edge and exciting work, helping him gain valuable workplace skills and confidence.

Azeem Khan: Intern in Chengdu

Azeem worked for a gaming company in Chengdu working in Customer Service Support. 

Simon Roche: Intern in Zhuhai

Simon spent two months in Zhuhai after his graduation, enjoying the food and culture that China had to offer.

Nikki Motohashi: Intern in Chengdu

Nikki interned in Chengdu for two months, spending her free time exploring sites in China which were off the beaten path. 

Justine Porter: Intern in Beijing

Justine interned at a law firm in Beijing and spent weekends exploring the city. 

Mairead McMahon: Intern in Zhuhai

Mairead interned as a Digital Marketing specialist and blogged about her experiences in China. 

Sagar Limbu: Language and Internship programme in Zhuhai

Sagar undertook a one-month marketing internship in a global sourcing firm and made some videos of his time in China. 

Will Hine: Internship in Shanghai

Will interned at an internationally renowned contemporary art gallery, Leo Xu Projects in Shanghai

Study in China

Frederick Soames: Scholarship in Beijing

Frederick studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing, practicing his new language skills whilst exploring the bustling city and quiet countryside.

Cailin Murphy: Scholarship in Shandong

Cailin spent six months in Shandong learning Mandarin - her knowledge of Chinese culture and language has helped her land a job when she returned to the UK.

Connor Gower: Scholarship in shandong

Connor Gower decided to spend the year after his graduation studying Chinese Language at Yantai University. 

christian Georgiou: Scholarship in Fujian 

Christian had already taken beginners Chinese modules at University, but now he wanted to see the country for himself. 

Victoria Richardson: Scholarship in shanghai

Victoria was awarded a full scholarship to study Chinese at Fudan University for one year and has now returned to China to live and work in Shanghai. 

Emma Holifield: Scholarship in shandong

Emma left a job in London to spend a year studying in China. 

Ben Clements: Scholarship in Tianjin

Having already spent a year at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Ben now wanted to spend more time in China to perfect his Chinese.  


Amelia studied Law and spent her free time travelling to local cities and ordering lots of dumplings.  

Gary Izunwa: Scholarship in jiangsu

Gary's interest in China began as a young child and after spending time in the country as an adult he has now seen first-hand the opportunities available for businesses. 

Jack Daly: Scholarship in Wuhan

Jack made a fun video of his time in Wuhan where he found it easy to make friends, helping him to feel more settled. 

Walker Darke: Scholarship in Jinan

Walker was placed in Jinan where he learnt Chinese, made many friends and had a great time.