Generation UK - China: Past Participants Stories

Our Generation UK – China programme brings UK students and young professionals to China, helping them to enhance their long-term job prospects and develop a global mindset through both study and work experience opportunities. 

China is a country steeped in rich culture and history; but with a new language, large population and differing customs, we also understand that stepping into the unknown can be daunting. Therefore, we’ve asked some of our Generation UK – China ‘alumni’ to tell us about their challenges, rewards and experiences. From two-month internships to a year studying at a Chinese university, they tell us why they, and why you, should choose Generation UK – China.   

Intern in China

Kevin Norman: Intern in Chengdu

Kevin overcame his initial hesitation of working and living so far from home, working for an app development company in Chengdu, China.

Max Fielden: Intern in Shenzhen

Max interned at a pharmaceutical company, doing cutting edge and exciting work, helping him gain valuable workplace skills and confidence.

Azeem Khan: Intern in Chengdu

Azeem worked for a gaming company in Chengdu working in Customer Service Support. 

Simon Roche: Intern in Zhuhai

Simon spent two months in Zhuhai after his graduation, enjoying the food and culture that China had to offer.

Nikki Motohashi: Intern in Chengdu

Nikki interned in Chengdu for two months, spending her free time exploring sites in China which were off the beaten path. 

Study in China

Frederick Soames: Tsinghua University, Beijing

Frederick studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing, practicing his new language skills whilst exploring the bustling city and quiet countryside.

Cailin Murphy: Scholarship in Shandong

Cailin spent six months in Shandong learning Mandarin - her knowledge of Chinese culture and language has helped her land  a job when she returned to the UK.

Connor Gower: Scholarship at Yantai University

Connor Gower decided to spend the year after his graduation studying Chinese Language at Yantai University.