Let's see your best 360° photo

Win a £50 Amazon gift card

We’re calling all current participants on the Generation UK – China Scholarships and Internships programmes to participate in our 360° photo competition!

We want to see the best 360° photo you can take that really shows off your international experience in China.   

Whether you want to share an image of you interacting at work on your internship, surrounded by fellow students on campus or maybe you’re planning an excursion to see one of the many great sights to be seen in China, whatever moment you feel captures the reason you have gone abroad we want to see it!

How to enter

To enter participants must:

Email studyworkcreate@britishcouncil.org with the subject “Generation UK – China 360° Photo” and include the following:

  • Your full name 
  • Attach to the email one 360° photo that you wish to enter. Please name your photograph with your first initial and last name. For example, if your name is Jane Lees, the photograph should be saved as “jlees.jpg”.  
  • The Generation UK - China programme on which you are participating and where
  • A short explanation (no more than 100 words) about the photograph and why you like it.

You need to email your 360° photo to us by 17:00 GMT on 13 December 2016. 

For full terms and conditions please read the document at the bottom of this page. By submitting an entry you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the competition. 


To enter, you must:

  • Be currently on a Generation UK – China programme at the time of submitting your entry.

Judging Criteria

The best five photos will be chosen by British Council on the following criteria:

  • Impactful imagery that transports the viewer to a specific place;
  • Photos that highlight the lifestyle and culture differences you experience while living abroad; and
  • Imagery that demonstrates benefits of living abroad. 

One photo a day will be posted on Facebook and the photo with the most likes within a 24 hour period will be declared the winner.

The winning photo will be announced via the Study Work Create Facebook page on 22 December 2016.



The photo that receives the most likes in a 24 hour period will win a £50 Amazon gift card.

This is the perfect excuse to go out and explore the amazing country you’ve had the chance to visit while on your international placement. 


360° Photos Explained

When a 360° photo is posted on a Facebook timeline it allows the viewer to explore the image as if you were actually there and turning your head to look in a different direction. If viewing the photo on a desktop device you can click and drag to move around in the photo, or on a phone you can simply move your phone vertically or horizontally and the image will move with you. A great way to see exactly what the camera operator is seeing!

For anyone that hasn’t taken a 360° photo before it’s easier than you may think. Take a look at Facebook’s guidelines

Essentially you will need to create a 360° photo by either:

  1. Taking a panorama photo on your iPhone or Android phone and this will be converted to a 360° photo. 
  2. Using an app installed on your phone capable of taking 360° photos eg. Street ViewGoogle Camera, or Cardboard Camera.
  3. Using a special 360° camera device

Having trouble? Get in touch and we’ll help you out: studyworkcreate@britishcouncil.org