This year's Generation UK-India photography, video and article-writing competitions, open to all placement participants in 2016, are your chance to win prizes, achieve publication, and share your Indian adventures with new audiences online!

All competitions are now open. You can find full information for each competition below.

Good luck!

Study placements – photo competition

Captured on Campus

For two weeks, you traded the routine of UK student life for a unique experience at a university in India. We want you to share with us the beauty, novelty and intrigue of your surroundings in India, through the lens of a newcomer to campus. Send us your photos of the scenes that really evoke a sense of what it was like to be there as a student in 2016.

How to enter

To enter, participants must email with the subject line ‘Captured on Campus entry’ and include the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. The name of your Indian university and course
  3. Up to 2 photographs that you wish to enter. Please name each photograph with your first initial, your last name and a number if you are entering two photos. For example, if your name is Jane Lees, the first photograph you wish to enter should be saved as “jlees1.jpg”.
  4. A short write-up (no more than 100 words per photo) about your photo; where it was taken and why you like it!

*Your photos must be in landscape orientation.

Share your photos on Instagram too using #genukindia and #studyabroad

Deadline: You must send us your photo(s) by 23:59 GMT on 30 September 2016. We will select one winning photo and two runner up photos.


We will shortlist and showcase the best snaps on our website in a special 'Study Work Create album', as well as sharing them through our social media channels and displaying them at future alumni events.

We'll also select 1 grand winner and 2 runners up to receive £25 and £10 Amazon vouchers respectively.

Study placements – article competition

Short study stories

An Indian university was your oyster for two weeks. What pearls of wisdom did you pick up along the way? 

We’d love to know, so drop us a line with a 100 word summary/snippet/teaser about something interesting, surprising or downright hilarious you learned during your time as a student in India, and your writing could be published.

How to enter

To enter, participants must email with the subject line ‘Short study stories entry’ and include the following in the message body:

  1. Your full name
  2. The name of your Indian university and course
  3.  A short write-up - no more than 100 words – about the insightful experience or moment.

Deadline: Please send us your pieces by 23:59 GMT on 30 September 2016.


Shortlisted entrants will work with a member of our editorial team to publish their pieces on the Study Work Create website in an article entitled ‘Things you’d only know if you’d studied in India’. An overall winner will receive a £25 Amazon voucher, and runners up will each receive £10 Amazon vouchers.

Teaching and work placements – article competition

Things you'd only know if you'd worked in India

We want to hear all about what's it's like to work in India! So we're inviting you to write to us with 5 of your most interesting, funny or unusual experiences on this theme.

Run free with your ideas! Perhaps there are some staff room stories, snippets of water cooler wisdom or aspects of work culture that stand out in your mind. Share your observations in any style you wish, be it abstract or specific, serious or silly. 

How to enter

 To enter, participants must email using the subject line ‘5 things you'd only know if you'd worked in India entry’ and include the following in your email:

1. Your full name

2. Your entry, attached in .pdf format.

Just a few tips:

  • Please write no more than 250 words total for your 5 ideas.
  • Pieces drawing from your personal experience often work well;
  • as do pieces written with a reader/audience in mind
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, why not have a read of some in-country experiences written about by last year’s Gen UK-India alumni at Study Work Create

Deadline (teaching assistants): You must send us your entries by 23:59 GMT on 17 October 2016. 

Deadline (TCS interns): You must send us your entries by 23:59 GMT on 31 December 2016. 


1 teaching assistant and 1 TCS intern will be selected as winners and will each be awarded £50 Amazon vouchers, while 2 runners up will receive £25 Amazon vouchers. Winners will also work with our Voices team to further develop their ideas and write and publish an article for Voices online magazine later this year, on the theme, ‘Things you’d only know if you’d worked in India’.

Teaching and work placements – video competition

My corner of India

Calling all teaching assistants/TCS walas! Which places in your local area are dear to you and why? Wherever you’re living in India, we want to hear all about what makes your hangout spots special. But don’t just tell us; show us! We want you to:

  • film yourself on location, at your special spot...
  • tell us who you are and what Generation UK-India placement you are on...
  • describe where you are, and what/people/things make that part of India special to you…
  • and explain why you think people should go to teach/work in India.

It’s that simple! Feel free in your video to take us to any part of your corner of India. Include edits if you like, and splice in photos and snippets from other parts of your Indian experience to your heart's content.

You could bring your mentor teacher in to the mix for a mini-interview at your school, or take us to chill at your local chai stall on your lunchbreak. Perhaps show us a favourite after-work hangout; maybe the legendary local food stall whose owner serves up the most unreal samosas, or the house of your Malayalam language mentor who taught you how to successfully order up a plate of them!

How to enter

To enter, participants must follow both of the following steps:

1. Upload your 45 second video to Youtube with the title ‘My Corner of India: your location’ (for example, if you're filming at your local cricket ground in Delhi then your video title could be 'My Corner of India: local Delhi cricket ground'). Feel free to include a description! Please ensure that your video is publicly visible.

2. Email using the subject line 'My corner of India entry' and include your full name and a Youtube link to your video somewhere in the message body.

*You must film your videos inlandscape orientation.

Deadline (for teaching assistants): You must send us your videos by 23:59 GMT on 14 November 2016. 

Deadline (for TCS interns): You must send us your videos by 23:59 GMT on 5 January 2016. 


Prizes: The overall winner will receive a GoPro Hero 4 Session action camera!


Teaching and work placements – photo competition

#GenUKIndia weekly photo challenge

Put your photography skills to the test and take part in our Instagram photography challenge! Each week, we’ll be announcing a theme for you to keep in mind when searching for those killer-photo opps in everyday life.

How to enter

Think you’ve taken a click that fits with that week’s theme? All you have to do is upload it to Instagram with a few specific hashtags and a short caption to be in with a chance of having your photo shared with Study Work Create online audiences through our social media channels.

The weekly themes and hashtags will be announced in the Facebook groups for 2016 Gen UK-India teaching assistants and TCS interns. Stay tuned!


At the end of each month, we'll showcase 4 winning images to Study Work Create Facebook fans in a dedicated Generation UK-India album, as well as sharing them with thousands more through our Twitter and Instagram feeds! At the end of the year, members of the public will be invited to vote for 1 grand winner and 1 runner up, who will receive a £50 Amazon voucher and £25 Amazon voucher respectively.